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Finally, sweets that won't go straight to your thighs! Jewelry and accessories with a sugary touch! No artificial sweeteners, and no calories either! These fat free gems and reasonable prices will have you coming back for more!

I strive to make cute, affordable accessories for the kid in all of us! Whether you like adding a touch of flair to your outfits, or want to go all out in deco and sweet lolita coords, we've got just the thing for you!

Feel free to ask me any questions, and I'll do my best to answer them. I take requests and custom orders, so don't be scared to send me a message! You can reach me through Etsy or email NonDairyConfectionery@gmail.com

Much love and pastries

Just applied to the Katsucon Artist Alley! Wish me luck!

Anonymous said: Would you ever do cases for portable game systems like the 3DS?

Yup! I do 3DS cases all the time, and I’ve also done Gameboy SP shells before.

Basically, so long as there’s a hard case/shell available, I’ll decoden almost anything.


I’m posting this haul individually haha. Barrett from Non Dairy Confectionery #nondairyconfectionery #lolitafashion


I’m posting this haul individually haha. Barrett from Non Dairy Confectionery #nondairyconfectionery #lolitafashion

Back from Otakon and so exhausted! It was so lovely to meet everyone! The tea party was so much fun, and you all made co-hosting the swap meet such a pleasure.

If any of you got pictures of me, please shoot them my way! I was cosplay as Pumpkaboo on Friday, and wore a mint and pink Lolita coord on Saturday!


This Kawaiicore necklace is everything I’ve ever wanted~~! Please read my review and happy shopping~! (you can use my code mahou14 at checkout to receive 10% off your order~!)

Mahou prince being cutes patoots and sporting one of my two way cookie star clips!

Makeup test for Saturday of Otakon!

For those of you coming to the Otakon Tea Party, these compacts have been donated as raffle prizes!

Anonymous said: Not very many normal people can afford to spend $10 on one ring... this is coming from a fellow artist who has asked around for a fair price to sell her own art. Everything else seems to be fair though. Only saying this because of your comment to someone's opinion on your prices. I'm sure it was prob. meant as "I love your art, but I can't afford it..." That being said, when I can't afford to buy something and I don't find the price fair, I either don't buy it or, make it for myself if I can.

The comment itself was actually directed at a friend of mine, but I’ve definitely gotten them as well. Who it was sent to is irrelevant though. The point is that the ask and the attitude were both extremely disrespectful. There is a stark difference between “I love your work, but can’t afford it” and “I love your work but it’s not worth what you priced it.” One is a statement about you, the customer. You love the work, but you can’t afford it. The other is a statement about the artist. You love the work, but they’re doing something wrong.

When you say something like “I love your art. Prices are a bit steep though…”, You are implying that the artist should change what they’re doing to cater to what you want, and more than that, you’re saying that you don’t value them or their skill enough to respect that they know how much their work is worth.

The fact of the matter is that yes, some people may not be able to afford my work and that’s a shame, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to be rude and imply that my work or any other artists’ is worth less than the value they’re putting on it.

No one but the artist knows how much hard work and time went into making something, and it is disrespectful to act as if you are entitled to someone else’s creation for any less than they are offering it for.

If you can’t afford it, I understand. If you just don’t want to spend that much, I get it. Even if you don’t think it’s worth as much as the asking price, fine. That’s your choice and your prerogative, but attempting to guilt an artist into lowering prices for any reason is not your place. That’s rude as all hell. If you can’t afford something, there are better ways of going about it, for instance asking what the artist offers in your price range.

Some people reblogging that post have been talking about market value and yes, that’s an important consideration, but that’s something for the artist to consider, not you. It’s really good that you asked around about pricing, but that right there is the primary difference. You asked about pricing. You sought out that information and feedback. You did not get unsolicited comments that essentially said “you’re good, but not good enough”

The bottom line is that artists, especially artists that you claim to like and support, deserve your respect, and implying that their work is worth less than they’re pricing it for is a shitty thing to do.

mustelidsramazing-deactivated20 said: I really love your art! Comission prices seem a bit steep though...



unfortunately, this is a bit of an oxymoron!

remember guys, if someone appreciates your art as much as they claim to, then they will believe your prices are fair at their going rate. never let people imply that your art is worth less than you’re charging.

ppl have been reblogging this like “there’s all these artists who are charging way more than their art is worth!!” like who gets to decide how much it’s worth? you? the ~invisible hand of the market~? how about the artist’s years of experience and self-schooling? how about their $30k-per-year art degree? how about the industry standard?

my art is far cheaper than many other artist’s, and you will be hard-pressed to find someone who animates at a lower pricerate than my own. everyone here is arguing about imaginary strawmen and the occasional inflated ego, and ignoring the rampant underpricing of young artists’ work today coupled with the severe price lowballing of non-artist clients.


Lolita fashion Swap Meet and Meetup: Otakon 2014




Saturday, August 9th 5pm-7pm

The swap meet this year will not be held in the same place as the previous years. Unfortunately, Otakon has decided to turn that area into a spot for photoshoots, so this year’s swap meet will be taking place in the Sharp Street Lobby,…

Hi everyone! Otakon has officially released the convention schedule so we are able to confirm that the Swap will be Saturday the 9th from 5pm-7-pm. Can’t wait to see you there!

mangolipgloss said: How do you make your ice creams and little citrus fruits?

I keep my ice cream technique mostly secret, but I make the citrus fruits using a caning technique. If you look up polymer clay citrus cane, you’ll find lots of tutorials!

Reblog if you want your followers to leave horrifically bad pickup lines in your askbox, anon or not




do it

Those of you who saw me at Katsucon know I was offering free pick up lines with each purchase, since it was Valentines Day Weekend. I love bad pickup lines~

jltumbles said: I was wondering, what type of silicone do you use for your cases?Is it soft or rock hard?

I use GE Silicone II. It dries very soft and squishy!

Anonymous said: That's actually somewhat misinformed, because "Haunter" is explicitly Nintendo's intellectual property; whether you traced it or not, they still own the character. "Fair use" pretty much only protects your use of the IP for parody and critique. Anyway, it can be looked upon with little mercy in court, because you're bluntly profiting off their IP. Just politely saying, you are taking a risk.

This could easily be applied to anyone who sells prints of drawn fan art, or artists who sculpt character charms for jewelry. All fan art sales come at a risk.

While I do not attest to being an expert in copyright law, rest assured I did do plenty of research on the subject before starting production of my necklace. Fan art as a whole stands on murky legal ground and suits involving fan art production are done very rarely, and on a case by case basis, because the nature of what is and is not protected by copyright is subject to a lot of variation.

I do appreciate you being polite. I can understand your concern, however I do firmly believe that what I’ve created should not warrant legal action, especially considering that any profit I am making on these necklaces pales in comparison to the cost both parties would incur by involving lawyers.

If I am wrong, and I do receive a cease and desist or other notification from Nintendo or their legal team, I will stop production. My intention was certainly not to infringe upon any rights they have. It was simply to create something that honors a series I love with a piece of jewelry not available form the company or any other artists.

Anonymous said: You are violating nintendo's copyrights by selling your haunter necklaces, you realize. Stick with your other stuff so you don't get taken to court.

My haunter necklaces are not a re-printing or trace of any officially licensed artwork. They are cut from a vector file that I made, using Haunters as reference and inspiration, and are considered fan art, which should not violate their copyright.

That being said, if Nintendo ever sends me a cease and desist, I will of course stop production or seek legal council.

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