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Non Dairy Confectionery

Finally, sweets that won't go straight to your thighs! Jewelry and accessories with a sugary touch! No artificial sweeteners, and no calories either! These fat free gems and reasonable prices will have you coming back for more!

I strive to make cute, affordable accessories for the kid in all of us! Whether you like adding a touch of flair to your outfits, or want to go all out in deco and sweet lolita coords, we've got just the thing for you!

Feel free to ask me any questions, and I'll do my best to answer them. I take requests and custom orders, so don't be scared to send me a message! You can reach me through Etsy or email NonDairyConfectionery@gmail.com

Much love and pastries

Back from Otakon and so exhausted! It was so lovely to meet everyone! The tea party was so much fun, and you all made co-hosting the swap meet such a pleasure.

If any of you got pictures of me, please shoot them my way! I was cosplay as Pumpkaboo on Friday, and wore a mint and pink Lolita coord on Saturday!

Makeup test for Saturday of Otakon!

Otakon 2014 Lolita Swap Meet and Meetup

Hello lovelies!

For those of you attending Otakon, I’m very excited to be hosting this year’s Lolita swap meet!

The swap meet is open to all J-fashions, and everyone’s encouraged to drop by and hang out, even if you’re just browsing or feel like meeting other lolitas!


The Resting Petals Shop is having a summer sale! All items over $7 dollars are 40% off. Use the coupon code: RPSUMMERSALE  Sale ends 7/14

Hey everyone! Check out this awesome sale being held by the ridiculously talented Shannon! If you guys came by our table at katsucon then you know just how gorgeous her work is! I have one of her brooches and it’s made so beautifully so if you want your own, be sure to jump on this sale!

Hey, glad to see people are still enjoying this. <3

Hey, glad to see people are still enjoying this. <3


Hello everyone!

Looking for a drawing of you, a friend, or a character? I’ve got a solution that will get you a cool drawin’ while helping an awesome doggy.

My boyfriend’s dog Jasper was diagnosed with cancer last year, and was in remission until very recently. He is going to need another course of chemotherapy, which is very expensive. To help raise money I will be doin’ chibi commissions! Please email me at magicalteatime@gmail.com if you are interested.
You can also donate on youcaring if you’d like!

Thank you!

Hi all! Please take a moment to think about commissioning Jayne! You’d be helping a good cause and getting some amazing art out of it too!




Peyj and Katie twinning at Katsucon 2014

Photography by me. 

The first pic made me think of the Lolita Mafia.

"You got the Strawberry Kiss Of Death!"

"I think it’s lip gloss…"

"Lip gloss of DEATH!"

This comment!!

Ladies from my comm looking fantastic and wearing some of my accessories!

If anyone got any photos of me at Katsucon, please show me!

Thank you all for making the convention such an amazing experience! It was so nice to meet all of you!


I will be going on vacation with my family, so I will be away from the 16th to the 22nd. Once I get back though, it’s back to ALL THE CON PREP.

I also just ordered in some adipose fabric, so there will be two adipose skirts up for grabs at Otakon! (I found some fantastic lace that looks like Tardis windows) They will be $100 a piece, and if they do not sell by the time the Lolita swap meet rolls around, I’ll be bringing them there where they will be available for trade!

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