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Finally, sweets that won't go straight to your thighs! Jewelry and accessories with a sugary touch! No artificial sweeteners, and no calories either! These fat free gems and reasonable prices will have you coming back for more!

I strive to make cute, affordable accessories for the kid in all of us! Whether you like adding a touch of flair to your outfits, or want to go all out in deco and sweet lolita coords, we've got just the thing for you!

Feel free to ask me any questions, and I'll do my best to answer them. I take requests and custom orders, so don't be scared to send me a message! You can reach me through Etsy or email NonDairyConfectionery@gmail.com

Much love and pastries

Otakon Artist Alley


So the Otakon AA applications came and went SUPER fast this year! I completely missed them so if anyone is willing to share their table please please let me know! I would be more than happy to pay for the table, and if my lovely followers could reblog this post for me to get the word out, I’d really appreciate it!

Reblobbing because I really hope someone will offer to share their table orz



Goodies from Otakon! The Artists’ Alley was amaaaazing this year. I’m not much of a leggings person, but there were Sailor Moon leggings, y’all.

Fawn heart brooch/barette by Moss Marchen / Bat pin, collar necklace, whipped cream barettes, star clip and deco compact mirror by Non Dairy Confectionery / bow by dou loux / Chibi-usa print by Alexa Cassaro / Sailor Moon leggings by ZelasArt / Cosmic compact is official merch.

I get so giddy seeing pictures of things that people bought from me!

That bat collar necklace will be on sale in my shop relatively soon! I just need to get more pieces cut/decide if I want to open pre-orders for other colors~

Reblogged to the wrong tumblr orz

Our table on Friday! My tablemate Mr. Slunchy and I were Mabel and Dipper!

Our table on Friday! My tablemate Mr. Slunchy and I were Mabel and Dipper!

Home from Otakon!

Otakon was absolutely amazing! I had so so much fun and it was so fantastic meeting everyone! I’ll be posting photos soon, and I’ve got lots of stock to add to my Etsy page!

To all the people joining my blog from the con, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my table! It really meant so much to me that you took my business card and followed up on it. You all made my first time selling in the alley such an amazing experience!


Visit me and my friend Sara at our Otakon artist alley table! We’re table N-05!!

Non-Dairy Confectionery has a bunch of awesome custom decoden phone cases and jewelry! And I’ve got stickers and art and demon babies galore and I’ll sketch you whatever your heart desires!

My pal Drex will be hanging out at our booth too! Come by and say hello!!


I’m super excited for our table! Please come by, if for nothing else than to say hello!


Finally done with this Superjail! print! I’ll be selling these at Otakon!


If you guys come to visit me at Otakon, you’ll be seeing this print and lots more from my ultra talented table partner and longtime friend Nora! He work is ah-mazing and I’m so excited to get to sell alongside her!


I will be going on vacation with my family, so I will be away from the 16th to the 22nd. Once I get back though, it’s back to ALL THE CON PREP.

I also just ordered in some adipose fabric, so there will be two adipose skirts up for grabs at Otakon! (I found some fantastic lace that looks like Tardis windows) They will be $100 a piece, and if they do not sell by the time the Lolita swap meet rolls around, I’ll be bringing them there where they will be available for trade!

Sorry for how slow things have been!

I’ve been in super convention prep mode, ordering in all my supplies for Otakon so I can get started making all of my merchandise!

I’ll have items from my shop at Otakon, as well as some new products that are going to debut there! 

But don’t worry, you all won’t be missing out! Keep a look out on this blog guys! I’m going to be posting a special coupon form for my tumblr followers soon ^o~


Aaaaah it’s me at Otakon!


Aaaaah it’s me at Otakon!

Hope you guys don’t mind if I post a few more photos from Otakon here!

Hope you guys don’t mind if I post a few more photos from Otakon here!


I’m finally home from Otakon, and super exhausted! I was cosplaying Strength from Black Rock Shooter for the majority of the con, and my arms were super heavy so pretty much my entire body hurts at this point. This weekend was super fun though, and I absolutely loved meeting the lolitas at the swap meet! Everyone was so sweet and it was so great to be surrounded by all the frills, haha!

As I mentioned to a few of you at the swap meet, I’ll hopefully be selling my Adipose skirt soon. I’ll be doing a video showing details of the garment and my sewing techniques/skills so that you know absolutely what you’d be getting if you were to purchase from me.

So what about all of you lovelies? If you went to Otakon, how was your experience? If you didn’t, did you do anything fun over the weekend?

My adipose skirt for Otakon! I’ll post a comprehensive review of the skirt some point soon so you guys can tell me whether or not you think the quality is up to par for sale!

My adipose skirt for Otakon! I’ll post a comprehensive review of the skirt some point soon so you guys can tell me whether or not you think the quality is up to par for sale!


Hey guys, so, I really hate to post this here, but I was a dumb butt and forgot to buy a bag to go with my Adipose coord for Otakon! ;A;

So does anyone have an offbrand star shaped bag they want to sell/are willing to give to me at Otakon or rush ship? I’d like not to pay more than $30-$40 for it, but I’d also be more than happy to trade merchandise from the shop for it!

White is my preferred color, but black and mint are ok too!

Otakon Lolita Swap Meet

Hello lovelies! I’m going to be at the Lolita Swap Meet at Otakon this year (tentatively set for three on Saturday) so if anyone would like to purchase items from me for pickup, send me a message (here, etsy, or email) and I’ll reserve it for you and you can pick it up from me then!


For any of my lovelies in the area, I will be attending Otakon this year! While I won’t be at an Artist Alley table (I am planning to go all out for my cosplay so I don’t want to be sitting around the whole time!) I will be easy to spot (hopefully) and I am going to offer local pickup of items!

From now until Otakon, all finished orders may be picked up from me personally at Otakon to avoid shipping charges. If you order a custom item that will not be completed by then however, I will still have to ship it.

I may also bring along a few items, like rings and other knickknacks, which will be available for cash purchase directly from me!

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